Business Brand Colors

Business Brand Colors

My dearest entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs, selecting brand colors for your business and/or website should take you no longer than 15 minutes. I see so many of you spending way too much time on this. If this is you, you’re going to love these five tips on how to pick out your brand colors in minutes.

1. Create a mood board in Pinterest, and collect a handful of photos that capture your attention. Screenshot the Pinterest mood board and import the file into Canva (you don’t need to be tech-savvy to do this). Canva’s brand kit will automatically pull colors from the photos on your mood board to create a palette. If you’re Photoshop savvy, you can do this yourself.

2. Go through your photo library, or use one of these free stock photo websites, and find one photo that you absolutely love. Import that photo into Canva or Photoshop and pull colors from that photo.

3. Go on a scavenger hunt around your house, or outside, and collect items that catch your eye. Set the items together, take a picture with your phone, and import the photo to Canva or Photoshop to pull colors from those items.

4. Type the words ‘Color Palette’ into the Pinterest search bar and pick a palette that resonates with you.

5. Instagram is also a great source for color palettes. Check out colorpalette.cinema for some really cool ideas.

Bonus tip: set a timer for 15 minutes to keep you on track. It’s VERY easy to get sidetracked on while Pinterest and start shopping for a new pair of shoes or looking for your next dream home. Don’t overthink and second guess your decisions. Any decision you make can (and most likely will) change at some point as your business evolves.

Double bonus tip: pay attention to how you feel while looking at your favorite photos. For example, do you feel calm and peaceful, or do you feel energized? This will also play into your brand. More to come on that, stay tuned!


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